Joseph's Closet Ministries

With compassion, making a difference

Joseph's Closet Ministries

With a passion for sharing Jesus Christ in every aspect of life, we are striving to make a difference in our little corner of the world that will reach out globally.  We are striving for Christianity that changes lives!

We are organized as a non-profit Corporation formed exclusively for propagating the Gospel, to establish or help maintain churches, mission stations, Christian schools and training centers, to counsel and sponsor evangelical outreach.

Dr. Joseph Ransom, president and founder of Joseph's Closet Ministries,  is a Christian author, motivational speaker, pastor, Christian playwright and director, and most recently a Certified Professional Counselor.

Just a few of the ministries offered by Joseph's Closet Ministries are: Christian dramas and scripts, motivational speaking, Christian Counseling services, and is currently working to establish an online School of Ministry of Ministry with various certificate programs available.

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Joseph's Closet is ministering to the Ozarks one heart at a time.

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Joseph's Closet Ministries Inc. is organized as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.  Joseph's Closet originally was developed in 1990 as a traveling drama ministry in Tennessee. Upon traveling around the country ministering to many churches, camps and conferences, Joseph returned and settled in the Springfield, Missouri area.  After the move to Ozark, Missouri in 2005, Joseph's Closet was reorganized as Joseph's Closet Ministries to better encompass the long range goals of the ministry.